Purim: The Jewish Carnival?

Matinée with Orli Herz

A con­ver­sa­ti­on about inter­pre­ta­ti­ons, objects and their func­tions. With Orli Herz.

Purim is cele­bra­ted on the 14th Ader, the sixth mon­th of the Jewish year, the equi­va­lent of Febru­a­ry or March in the Gre­go­ri­an calen­dar. It is a joy­ous fest with cos­tu­mes, laugh­ter and cele­bra­ti­ons. Does this make Purim the Jewish car­ni­val? Orli Herz tells a sto­ry from pre-Chris­ti­an Per­sia of the 4th cen­tu­ry, about a bra­ve princess and a thwar­ted mur­der attempt.

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verfasst am 17.02.2021