Inventory with Dinah Ehrenfreund

Preservation and Appraisal

Every sum­mer, young museo­lo­gists take part in inven­to­ry­ing the coll­ec­tion. All objects are taken out of the depots, exami­ned, pho­to­gra­phed if neces­sa­ry and repacka­ged. During the moni­to­ring, trai­nee museo­lo­gists hand­le the objects, which they other­wi­se only see behind the show­ca­ses or in the data­ba­se. Gloves pro­tect the objects from dirt, grease and sweat, which could dama­ge them, and magni­fy­ing glas­ses help detect pests or mould. Many trai­nees agree that doing the inven­to­ry is the most rewar­ding task at the Jewish Muse­um. As the muse­um direc­tor, Nao­mi Lubrich, puts it: «The aura of the­se old objects, tes­ti­mo­nies to their time, is tremendous.»

verfasst am 17.12.2021