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The museum is grateful to the following sponsors for their generous donations in 2007.

To the Willy A. und Hedwig Bachofen-Henn Stiftung, Basel, which partly financed this homepage.

To the Sophie und Karl Binding-Stiftung in Basel, the Ernst Göhner Stiftung in Zug and the L. und Th. LaRoche-Stiftung in Basel for their generous donations for the conversion of the museum premises, realized by M. Guth (Christ & Gantenbein architects, Basel).

To the Ernst Göhner Stiftung in Zug, the Lotteriefionds Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, the Kulturstiftung Novartis in Basel, the Migros-Kulturprozent and der Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG in Basel for their financial support of the exhibition on Endingen-Lengnau.