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Association of the Jewish Museum of Switzerland.

The Association of the Jewish Museum of Switzerland was established in 1966 on the initiative of the association of «Espérance», a local social organization founded as hevrah-kadisha (Burial society).
The museum is based on a collection formed by the Swiss Museum of Popular Arts (now integrated into the Museum der Kulturen) but has since greatly increased its number of exhibits.

Join us and become a member of our association!

You help us to maintain our museum.
You get the following privileges:
- Invitations to openings and conferences
- Free entrance to all events and guided tours.

Annual fees:
Membership CHF 40.–
Membership - couple/family CHF 70.–
Companies/Firms CHF 500.–
Patrons CHF 2000.–

Lifelong membership, 15 times the applicable annual fee.

PC 40-35251-3 Verein für das Jüdische Museum der Schweiz, Basel
  Bankdetails: Dreyfus Söhne & Cie AG, Banquiers, Basel
  IBAN: CH 28 0856 5559 9183 9790 1
  Verein für das Jüdische Museum der Schweiz