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Jewish Year
Daily Life

Daily Life

The religious duties for men include daily prayers. On weekdays during morning prayers Tefillin are bound on the left arm and on the head. Two small black cases fixed on leather straps contain tiny parchment scrolls with corresponding Hebrew biblical inscriptions: «you should fix (my words) as a sign on your arm and they should be between your eyes» (Deut.6.8.)

JMS 150 Tools for embossing Hebrew letters:

The leather Tefillin cases are embossed with iron letters and show a protruding «shin» with three or four branches. Shin is a shortened form of the word «shaddai», the Almighty.
The stencils (1/2) were used as tools by a Tefillin maker in Basel, around 1900.

JMS 1514 Tefillin-bag:

Tefillin are usually kept in small bags. These are often sewn by family members and are embroidered with ornaments, initials or floral patterns. The velvet bag (3) is embroidered with carnations.
1 | Box with stencils for embossing
2 | Stencils
3 | Tefillin and bag