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Jewish Year
Daily Life

The Jewish Year

The collection includes many objects regularly used on Jewish holidays throughout the year.


At nightfall on Shabbat evening, Havdalah (separation) takes place, and those present smell the fragrance of the spices (Besamim) contained in special spice-boxes.
The silver spice-box with a tower and crowning flag (1/2) was probably manufactured in Germany. It distinguishes itself by its curved holder for
the candle extinguished during Havdalah and a small drawer containing Besamim.


This box (3) is an unusual example of its kind in brass-sheet and may have been used in Germany in the 19th century. It looks like a box with a pierced cover and flap to close it, its interior being divided into six compartments and a round partition with a movable grater (4) used for crushing the spices.
1 | Spice-box, tower
2 | Candleholder, detail
3 | JMS 790 Spice-box,
4 | Grater for spice, detail