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Jewish Year
Daily Life


The Museum presents objects of different forms and provenance. Its aims at
introducing visitors to Jewish customs and ceremonies. The exhibited items
are grouped as follows: Jewish Law, the Jewish Year, Jewish everyday life and Jewish history.

Of particular importance are Judaica from Endingen and Lengnau, the so called Jewish villages in Switzerland. The medieval gravestones in the courtyard, the documents focus on the history of the first and second World War and the medieval Jewish Communities in Basel enrich the collection. The selection of Hebrew prints documents the importance of this city as a centre of book printing from the 16th to the 19th century.

An additional part of the museum is dedicated to the publications of Theodor Herzl and Zionism including the records of the Zionist Congresses of Basel. More recently many documents from the period of World War II have entered the collection.

Additional exhibitions dedicated to various subjects set new accents.
1 | Jewish wedding goan
2 | Torah binder, detail
3 | Torah breastplate