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Guided Tours  2016


Annual Programme for 2015

You can download our annual programme for 2015 here:

Jahresprogramm 2015

Public guided tours 2015


Sunday, February 21st 2016, 11 - 12 a.m.
Public guided tour in the current exhibition


Sunday, March 6th 2016, 3 - 4 p.m.
Öffentliche Synagogenführung
Public guided tour in the Synagoge, Leimenstrasse 24, Basel

Thursday, March 17th 2016, 6.30 p.m.
Vernissage "Schweizer Juden: 150 Jahre Gleichberechtigung"

Sunday, March 20th 2016, 11 - 12 a.m.
Öffentliche Führung durch die Ausstellungen

Wednesday, March 30th 2016, 10 -12 a.m.
Wednesday Matinée
Von Pessachputz und Mazzen
Guided tour and Workshop
Jewish Museum of Switzerland
5.- / 10.- CHF

If no further details the guided tours are for free! and no registration necessary!

For more informations about events have a look at: Events
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