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Kunstverein Binningen

until February 2016

Made for each other.
Partnership and Love in Judaism

Special exhibition on love, dating and partnership in Judaism.

-> exhibition flyer

until July 20 2014

1001 Amulets. Protection and magic - faith or superstition?

-> about the exhibition (short film in German)

The need of protection, luck and well-being and because of that the faith in amulets – talismans – charms mark religious and secular societies from the ancient world until today.

The Jewish Museum of Switzerland presents the exhibition on oriental and ancient Egyptian amulets and scarabs from the Bibel+Orient Museum, Fribourg. An exceptional selection of central European and North African Jewish protection amulets for new born children, house and against the evil eye of the 18th till 20th centuries will be added.

With this special exhibition religion, mystic, faith and superstition are presented in an intercultural context.

Additional programme with special guided tours and conferences. Exhibition catalogue.

Public guided tours:
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Introduction to the exhibition for teachers:
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1001 Amulettes. Protection et magie - foi ou superstition

-> l’exposition (court métrage en allemand)

Le besoin de protection, de bonheur et de bien-être n’a cessé
de marquer les sociétés religieuses et séculaires depuis
l’Antiquité. Objets dotés de pouvoirs magiques, les amulettes,
talismans, et porte-bonheurs sont destinés à protéger de
la malchance. La religion, la mystique, la foi et la superstition
sont proches l’une de l’autre. La croyance dans le pouvoir
des amulettes est largement répandue. Intemporelles, elles
créent un lien entre les différentes cultures et religions.

Le Musée Juif de Suisse présente l’exposition populaire
d’amulettes et de scarabées d’Orient et de l’Egypte ancienne
du Musée Bible+Orient, Fribourg. On découvrira également
une exposition d’amulettes juives destinées à protéger les
mères, les enfants et la maison contre la maladie, les dangers
et le mauvais œil, ainsi que des textes kabbalistiques très
rares. Couvrant une période allant du 18e siècle à aujourd’hui,
les objets exposés proviennent de Suisse, d’Alsace, du Sud de
l’Allemagne, d’Afrique du nord et du Proche-Orient. L’exposition
présente les amulettes dans un contexte interculturel.

Le catalogue richement illustré contient des informations
très détaillées sur les amulettes de l’Ancien Orient à l’Europe

Des manifestations parallèles – visites guidées, conférences
et visites d’introduction pour le personnel enseignant –
sont proposées pour découvrir une culture d’une grande
richesse et une tradition peu connue.

Visites guidées publiques:
Guided Tours

Visites pour le personnel enseignant:
Guided Tours

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September 4 2011 - February 15 2013

Change Over - Bar and Bat Mizwa
How jewish children and teenagers become adult

In each religious group rites of passage are known. According to the Jewish law boys in the age of 13, girls in the age of 12 attain full age. The exhibition centres adolescents telling about the important celebration between childhood and adulthood. Also the life of Jewish Teenagers is pointed out.

Public guided tours:
Have a look at: Guided Tours

Introduction to the exhibition for teachers
Have a look at: Guided Tours

exhibition flyer

September 4 2011, 11-17

European Day of Jewish Culture

Open Day and special program

from January 21 2011

Between new moon and full moon

The new exhibition series of the Jewish Museum of Switzerland

The new special exhibition set “Between New Moon and Full Moon” shows an exclusive selection of objects of the museum’s collection.

The Jewish calendar, which is the first theme of the series, will be presented next to new acquisitions of the Jewish Museum of Switzerland.

For 2011 diverse shows are planned.

Public guided tours in the evening:

Tuesdays 6 to 6.30 p.m.
August 2

Admission free. No booking required!

from April 21 2010

Congratulations to Herzl!

On May 2 2010 Theodor Herzl would have celebrated his 150th birthday.
On the occasion of his anniversary the JMS presents objects and documents in his memory.
This exhibition sets accents on the ten Zionist congresses held in Basle, mainly on the first. We also show the famous portrait of Herzl.

Guided Tours

from September 5 2010

- und Hanna und Sara - (and Hanna and Sara)
Installation art of Renée Levi for the Jewish Museum

In order to the European Day of Jewish Culture 2010 the Jewish Museum of Switzerland invited the artist Renée Levi from Basle, best known for her larges sized and colourful paintings and - In situ-Installations - to create an Installation artwork for the Jewish Museum.
With the artwork of Renée Levi It shows the Jewish Museum of Switzerland for the first time contemporary art!

Renée Levi

March 15 2009 - December 31 2009

Strange objects stepping out of line

The exhibition Strange Objects stepping out of line takes you on a journey to the world of Jewish curiosities.
Objects from everyday-life, religious ceremonies and history have been chosen as they differ in their material, shape or intended use from the ordinary items of the collection.

Sunday September 7th, 2008

European Day of Jewish Culture


September 2, 2007 – December 31, 2008

Endingen – Lengnau. Following the traces of the rural Juewish communities in the canton

The exhibition is dedicated to the history and day to day life of the Jews in Endingen and Lengnau. The two so called Jewish villages situated in the canton Aargau admitted Jews, when the Swiss Confederation had strict rules keeping them out of her boundaries.

Colourful textiles and traditional artefacts belonging to the synagogues and objects for domestic use describe Jewish customs and life in the Swiss countryside. Some documents refer to typical jobs of Jewish men in the Surbtal: to cattle and fabric dealers, peddlars or small real estate agents. Women cared for their families and devoted free moments to textile embroideries for embellishing the synagogues.

For many years the Jewish population was living in this region as “Schutzjuden” or tolerated foreigners. The authorities gave them permission of residence for limited years from 1696 onward with letters of protection specifying thus professional restrictions and extra taxes.

After Napoleon’s army had taken the power in the old Confederation of Switzerland, the newly created human rights had to be respected. In the beginning numerous legislative decrees for the Jewish population in the canton Aargau brought slight amendments or even setbacks. Finally in 1866, after the article about equal rights was codified in the Swiss constitution, the authorities in Aarau decreed full rights and the right of free settling to the Jewish communities. Communal equivalence with the remnant communities in the canton Aargau was conferred to Endingen and Lengnau only in 1879.

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View of the exhibition

September 3rd 2006 – August 31th 2007

Brought to Light
Gifts, loans and acquitions from the last 10 Years.

Exhibition supported by iguide/ear-guides

September 4th to March 30th 2006

The travelling chest
History of a Jewish family from Frankfurt and Basel.

Exhibition accompanied by a text booklet

June 17th.2004 to January 30th 2005

Anne Frank and Basel
The history of a family beyond boundaries

Exhibition accompanied by a text booklet
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